Daily dinner and a small variety of culinary dishes

On the terrace and in the restaurant “le Garage” you can enjoy more or less extensive meals on a modest scale. With great regularity you can register in the morning for a delicious BBQ, saumon d’Allier, a confit de canard or du joue de porc.
It is also possible to order and pick up fries, pizzas and tarts for example.

We would also like to take your individual wishes into account. With your meal we serve (slightly alcoholic) drinks if desired. It is also possible to bring a dinner to your camping spot.

For the children, adjustments are always possible and the rates are kept accessible.



In “le Garage” you can pick up the fresh bread that you ordered the day before from 08:00 h. On request, a petit dejeuner is also served in the morning on the small terrace in front of the maison or in “le Garage”.
Nice to pamper yourself and useful on the day of departure.

Small terrace

Around “le Garage” and at the house we have arranged a quiet, small terrace. You can always contact us to sit down, have a drink, sometimes a small snack. You register it yourself by simply taking your drinks out of the fridge and writing down your use. At the end of your stay everything will be on the bill.

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